48. George McGehrin – The McGehrin Group – The Future of Talent Acquisition

31 minutes

George McGehrin is the Founder and President of The McGehrin Group, an executive search and personal branding firm based in the New York City metropolitan area.

The McGehrin Group works with a wide variety of businesses from small firms to Fortune 1000 companies, placing C-suite executives and other top-level professionals. They also offer the most comprehensive and customized CEO professional branding and writing services, producing targeted LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and biographies that maximize their clients' potential.

To say that George is well-connected and well-networked would be a drastic understatement: He is the 125th most connected person on LinkedIn and ranked in the top 30 most connected recruiter in the United States.

In this episode, George shares what sets his organization apart in the talent acquisition industry, questions to ask when considering a new hire, whether remote working is the future for C-suite executives, how introverts can be great candidates, and whether AI will inevitably replace human recruiters.

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