50. Tim Thornton – Tactical Electronics – Assisting the Armed Forces

36 minutes

Tim Thornton is the founder and owner of Tactical Electronics, which provides EOD tools, CIED Training, and Tactical Inspection Cameras for military and law enforcement agencies. Not only is he a founder, he is also an inventor, international spy, and subject matter expert in terrorism.

Tim started in this industry 20 years ago as an Instructor at Independent Intelligence Agency, where he taught special forces techniques, and noticed a lack of tools needed to achieve intelligence and military objectives. He then started making black boxes in his garage to meet those diagnostic needs, with the intent to help responders and government agencies stay safe. These products help pick locks, bypass security systems, disarming explosives, hotwire cars, and more.

In this episode, Tim shares how he got his start and learned to quickly adapt to this unique Industry, some of the amazing product categories that they focus on and how they source them to government agencies, and what it means to be an international spy.

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