51. Rick Lazio and Tyler Noesser – alliantgroup – Does Your Business Qualify for Tax Incentives?

72 minutes

Rick Lazio and Tyler Noesser sit down for an in-depth discussion of alliantgroup, a leading tax specialty services provider working with CPA firms and their clients to ensure American companies receive the full benefit of federal and state tax credits, incentives, and deductions available to them.

Alliantgroup is partnered with around 5000 CPA firms across the U.S. and is staffed by a wide variety of specialists from multiple sectors including technology, finance, and the public sphere.

Alliantgroup’s decision to partner with professionals in these different fields is in line with their three-pronged approach to helping clients pinpoint the tax incentives that are applicable to them. That is, from the financial, political, and legal angles.

In this episode, Rick and Tyler share how alliantgroup effectively serves as an “in-house tax advisor” to small businesses, helping them take advantage of the same tax strategies used by some of the largest businesses in America. This allows these organizations to reduce their tax liability, freeing up more capital that they can then reinvest into the company.

Rick also offers his thoughts on what to expect from President Biden’s CARES Act and American Jobs Plan. He and Tyler then list specific types of businesses that easily qualify for tax deductions or credits (such as the federal R&D tax credit), as well as actionable steps that any business can take to increase their likelihood of availing tax incentives.

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