63. Nathaniel Harding – Cortado Ventures – Investing in Oklahoma’s Pioneering Spirit

38 minutes

Nathaniel Harding is a Managing Partner at Cortado Ventures, which launched in May of 2020 and is an Oklahoma-based venture fund focusing on early-stage technology B2B companies.

In today’s conversation, Nathaniel discusses the spark that led to Cortado’s founding, his long-term goals, and lessons he learned after almost two years in business. Currently, Cortado has looked into over 900 companies and has partnered with 21 of them.

Harding speaks to how Cortado was established during an opportune time when states such as Texas, Florida, and even Oklahoma are seeing an influx of new residents who have moved out of the coastal states in search of opportunity.

Cortado has ridden this wave with the aim of creating even greater momentum in Oklahoma’s job market as more and more people have flocked to the state for its low-cost yet high standard of living, as well as its friendly business environment.

A third-generation oil man, one of Nathaniel’s personal goals is to provide opportunity to family-owned businesses in similar verticals, such as manufacturing and construction.

 “Having a robust and diversified economy is going to make any business environment and the businesses within it more successful. We have a lot of capabilities and institutional knowledge in Oklahoma, and we have this pioneering spirit” says Harding.

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