77. Randy Nail – HoganTaylor - Lessons in Leadership from Collegiate Coaches

47 minutes

Within our over 70 episodes of How That Happened, we’ve talked to and learned from several coaches from the world of sports. We’re sharing the key takeaways from those leaders to inspire you to continue growing your leadership skills and building the next generation of leaders.

In this episode, Aaron Ackerman speaks with Randy Nail, CEO of HoganTaylor, about lessons in leadership through the lens of sports. Aaron and Randy listen to various short clips from past episodes featuring Chris Young, Dan Hays, and Sherri Coale, pulling powerful insights from each one.

Our previous guests emphasize the power of collaboration and working towards a common goal.  They discuss the importance of investing in your employees by treating them fairly. The coaches also tell us how to get the best out of your team and knowing when it is appropriate to give and receive feedback. Finally, the mission, values, and culture as a company is covered.

Listen in as Aaron and Randy shed light on strategies for building an organization through leadership, how to maintain success in a rapidly changing environment, and the immense value of having mentors and being a mentor throughout your career.

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Resources Mentioned:

Listen to the episode with Chris Young

Listen to the episode with Dan Hays

Listen to the episode with Sherri Coale

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