83. Sharina Perry – Utopia Plastix – Plastic Reimagined

56 minutes

Sharina Perry is the Founder of Utopia Plastix, a company that has created the plant-based alternative to plastic. Utopia Plastix is on a mission is to provide the best plant-based products while maintaining their goal to not create problems as they solve them.

In this episode, Sharina shares how she developed her intense determination to change the world.   She also covers how her plant studies accidentally led her to discover the use of crops as alternatives to petroleum, cotton, and wood. As someone who’s not a scientist, Sharina highlights her creative process for inventing the plastic-free straw, and the challenges she overcame while developing her products.

Perry details her entire go-to-market journey. From making the prototype in her kitchen, to pitching it to investors, she details finding manufacturers, and getting her product third-party tested. Additionally, she speaks on what it really takes to think outside the box and turn your ideas into something greater.

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