84. Dick Greenly – Water4 - Solving the Global Water Crisis

51 minutes

Dick Greenly is the Co-Founder of Water4, an organization on a mission to eradicate the world’s water crisis by bringing clean water access to every home, school, and clinic. Water4 is not your typical risk-adverse nonprofit… they want the risk because they believe in the power of pushing boundaries.

In this episode, Dick covers the formation of Water4, the inspiration behind the nonprofit, and the impact it’s making on the world’s water infrastructure. Having been to 45 different countries, Water4 created momentum by training local communities in Africa to drill wells. As a result from the training, the nonprofit is able to help more people.

Though, solving a global crisis doesn’t come without its obstacles. As the wells began breaking and more pain points began to arise, they became liabilities. Dick shares the challenges, costs, and solutions they developed to increase the efficiency and scalability of their nonprofit water infrastructure. He also sheds light on the harmful economic implications of charity and how organizations can approach charity work without compromising the communities they’re serving.

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