Tara Lynn Thompson – How Powerful, Well-Placed Words Spur Action

56 minutes

Tara Lynn Thompson is the author of the three-volume romantic action-adventure Another series. She also does a wide variety of work around marketing and content strategy. Tara speaks and teaches on writing for various audiences.

She says that she has been confounding people with her descriptive writing since she was a 19-year-old beat reporter and states that she gets a “sharp, devious zing” when she keeps people guessing.

Listen in as Tara explains why she opted to be a writing generalist and a people specialist. She also talks about how the idea of being omnipresent on social media as a brand is being set aside for a more efficient and focused approach to content creation.

She then explains why “powerful, well-placed words spur action” and how companies can best express their message to stand above the noise.

Tara reflects on the spark that led her down her journey as a writer, and describes her approach to her craft as focusing on the spirit of the words written rather than the letter of those words.

Finally, Tara speaks on the process of writing her three-volume series, Another, and the single most powerful business lesson she learned from her experience selling her books.

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